Handmade Bricks.

Project: Baan Pomphet Hotel and Restaurant

Architect: onion

The inspirations for Baan Pomphet’s exterior design come from the quality of the site and its surrounding, namely an ancient monument “Pom Phet”. By “quality of the site”, it is meant the best location that overlooks a scenery where the “Pa Sak River” meets the “Chao Phraya River”. Water hyacinth normally float up and down these rivers and cover the entire surface of the water in summer mornings. What is special about this movement is the whirlpool where the two rivers meet. It is rare to find such scenery elsewhere.

Photography by Wison Tungthumya / Archdaily

"Baan Pomphet is not only a 160-seat restaurant and an 8-room hotel. It is also her family’s home."

However, the touch by hand is more charming than machine made. There is no sharp edge of wood and Hanuman’s cheeks are a bit curved three dimensionally. Most importantly, each faces look slightly different. We now have 16 of them in Baan Pomphet. Baan Pomphet portrays trust between the owner, the architects and the craftsmen. The project enables everyone to exhibit their best skills.

December 2, 2020
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